Oribi.io Review 2021 + 10 Days Free Trial: Is It A Good Replacement For Google Analytics?

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Oribi analytics platform review! Well, we believe most of you here are digital marketers or somewhat related to the online promotion of products and services on websites and are well aware of this beautiful tool. But for those who are new to Oribi, let me put up a question right in front of you.

If you have a website already, you must have firmly linked to Google Analytics. It is one of the most reliable, widespread, and dominant analytics tools currently. Now, the question is, do you wholly depend on Google Analytics? 

But this might be a little tricky to answer for those who have not unfolded the power-packed features and an easy-to-use dashboard to track their website activities. Oribi offers more actionable insights and shares an excellent competition to Google Analytics in the run.

Well, to support the above claims regarding Oribi and to make you clear about switching to a better analytics platform despite having a good bond of years with Google Analytics, we present to you the most honest review of Oribi.io 2021. So, let us roll right in and explore every bit of the Oribi web analytics platform. 

All-Inclusive Oribi.io Review


For a digital marketer, tracking the website analytics is pretty significant. And due to this reason, this review post becomes way more relevant to you as we claim to have in hand a better analytics platform than Google Analytics. As there isn’t much information related to Oribi by far, we have intended to provide you with the best guide possible.

Oribi is fundamentally a business analytics intelligence software. They aim at enhancing the medium-scale businesses significantly by providing all the power-packed features, top graded optimization with leading-edge technology to its users.

Oribi profoundly concentrates on the following:

  • Design
  • Product
  • Marketing

It has a closely linked team with impressive ideas. It was brave enough of Oribi to launch something already available in the market. And also when it is running under the name of one of the top-notch companies from around the globe. Hence, it made sure to outstretch its extraordinary features to extend a fair competition to Google in the run.

Remarkable Features Of Oribi.io

Google is one of the most comprehensive platforms worldwide. Hence, for marketers to trust a comparatively small enterprise becomes more challenging. And this is the reason Oribi decided to come up with the most outstanding features, which makes it compete with Google Analytics with extensive data of integration.

Hence, you must dive right in and check out the features of Oribi.io in detail to present a firm conclusion.

Obtaining website analytics can be daunting. So, lets us identify how Oribi makes it easier:

1. Insights & Trends


Get Clear Answers, Without The Heavy Lifting

When all the data gets piled up, marketing insights and analytics come in for the rescue. Oribi lets you explicitly recognize the ways to convert these data into actions.

Oribi lets you connect with the latest marketing trends and provides you with detailed insight to help you create an impact on your audience.

Oribi.io Lets You:

  • Get actionable insights to drive results
  • Understand trends and be ahead of changes
  • No BS, only the information you need
2. Event Tracking


No Developers Required

Oribi has a pretty uncomplicated dashboard. And it does not require any prior technical knowledge to get started with it. You remain independent of professionals as it keeps track of all the buttons and pages your audience visits.

Oribi.io Lets You:

  • Track and compare multiple campaigns by their UTM
  • Define your conversion goals without any code
  • No maintenance – Events are updated dynamically
3. Funnels and Correlations & More


Optimize For More Conversions

If you are receiving good traffic on your website, you would unquestionably wish to keep going with the same. Hence, Oribi consistently optimizes your website and makes you recognize the trends that work for your brand and the ones that do not. So, by following the same, you can create content to drive more traffic every day.

 Oribi.io Lets You:

  • Uncover where you lose prospects, even across domains
  • Reveal which events drive conversions
  • Never miss anything with Oribi’s insights
4. Marketing Channel Analysis


Invest In The Right Channels

In this competitive world, no one wishes to invest in any incorrect channel. Hence, Oribi guides its users with every step by indicating the content which can make the most profit. 

Oribi helps its users identify and acquire the most engaging channels having a high conversion rate. 

Oribi.io Lets You:

  • Evaluate how each channel contributes to your goals
  • Stay on top of new referrers and spot opportunities
  • Track and compare multiple campaigns by their UTM
5. Visitor Journeys


Pinpoint specific Behaviour 

When several visitors land on your website, it becomes daunting to count on everyone and understand their pattern. But with Oribi, you can recognize and track the interests of your audience network. And above all, Oribi helps you identify the reasons which make the user bounce back from your website without conversion.

Oribi.io Lets You:

  • Follow single visitors across different sessions and multiple domains
  • Use Oribi’s smart filters to look into journeys of specific segments
  • Connect email addresses to match journeys to your top prospects
6. Reports


Share Your Best Results

Oribi provides you with a complete customized report which you can share with others. You do not need to work hard to track all the prospects to extend a report. Oribi records every move you make.

Oribi.io Lets You:

  • Get ready-made, beautiful reports to share your results
  • Customize the look, logos, and data you want to include
  • Schedule your reports to be shared automatically
7. Marketing Attribution


Connect All Touch Points

If you consider multiple social media platforms like Instagram or Twitter, all of them have various touchpoints, which create hassle while dealing with all of them at once. But with Oribi, you can connect with the different touchpoints at ease.

  • Uncover all touchpoints involved in a conversion
  • Choose different models to evaluate your activities
  • Define the right acquisition strategy for all your goals

Hence, these features make the Oribi platform stand one step ahead of Google Analytics. And on the bottom line, we can say that the users do not need to hassle with the marketing activities when they have Oribi.io to assist them.

Oribi.io Pricing Plans


Oribi has 03 different subscription/pricing plans. Let us have a look at them in detail.

Business Websites 

Pricing Plan: $630/Mo

It Includes:

  • Track Up to 3 Domains
  • Channel Analysis
  • Automated Event Capturing – Unlimited
  • Visitor Journey and Email Capturing
  • Webinar access
  • 6-Month Data History
  • Funnel Optimization
  • Custom Reports
  • 100% support
  • Analytics Bootcamp
  • 1:1 Onboarding

Ecommerce Shops 

Pricing Plan: $540/Mo

It Includes:

  • Track Up to 3 Domains
  • Channel Analysis
  • Budget Planning
  • Custom Reports
  • 6-Month Data History
  • Funnel Optimization
  • Automated Event Capturing – Unlimited
  • Visitor Journey and Email Capturing
  • 1:1 Onboarding

Marketing Agency 

Pricing Plan: $900/Mo

It Includes:

  • Unlimited Customers
  • Channel Analysis
  • Budget Planning
  • Custom Reports
  • Export Unlimited Events to Facebook, Google Ads & More
  • Advanced User Management
  • 2 Years Data History
  • Funnel Optimization
  • Automated Event Capturing
  • Visitor Journey and Email Capturing
  • Export Unlimited Smart Audiences
  • White Labeling & Custom Design for Your Reports
  • 1:1 Onboarding

You can also contact the Oribi team through info@oribi.io.

Does Oribi.io Offer A Free Trial?


Oribi.io is a platform to compete with Google Analytics with all its extraordinary website analytics features. So, to make sure the audiences reconsider the platform before concluding, Oribi provides a 10 days free trial to everyone out there.

So, apart from acquiring all the outstanding features, Oribi believes in letting the users closely interact with the tool to have no questions before upgrading the platform.

How To Set Up Oribi.io?


We have come across the features of Oribi.io, so let us have a look at the procedure to set up the platform. It is a user-friendly platform that can get configured by following the below-mentioned steps. 

Also, the tool will ask for submitting various information about the project on which you are working to make sure to provide you with the functionality which will suit you perfectly. 

The Sign-Up Procedure

To get started with the Oribi platform, follow these steps:

Step-1: Click on the official website link: https://oribi.io/ and get started with the free trial.

Step-2: Sign up with your pre-owned Google account or explicitly mention your email Id and password.

Step-3: Mention your website domain name. After upgrading your subscription, you can insert multiple domains altogether.

Step-4: Oribi will ask you to mention the number of users you expect to visit your website, which will show up in the pricing plan. 

Step-5: Lastly, insert your mobile phone number when indicated by the platform.

Now that you have completed the signing-up process, you need to configure the Oribi platform according to the niche of your business. Hence, the users will have to describe their business projects and its types on the platform. Also, the tool will ask you to mention the leading targets of your business.

Opportunities And Obstacles With Oribi.io


Oribi is an all-in-one web analytics platform that works wonders for businesses following any niche on the eCommerce platforms. Also, gaining the analytics is always helpful, even if you have merely 10 visitors showing up on your website or thousands of potential customers checking out the site.

Let us roll in and check the advantages and disadvantages of switching to Oribi.io in brief.



✔ User-friendly interface ✘ The setup procedure takes longer than usual
✔ Oribi dashboard is easy to navigate ✘ Pricing plans can be more flexible
✔  Tracks all the required website insights and displays the metrics on the platform
✔ Benefits in quick decision making and ensures higher conversion rates

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Should You Switch To Oribi.io In 2021?


Oribi is an all-in-one marketing analytics tool that cuts down your efforts on manual configuration. Hence, it helps the new business owners and the professional ones to receive website traffic insights and enhance their conversion rates without involving any professional.

The entire Oribi system is pretty uncomplicated to use with a powerful dashboard to navigate easily. Also, the features included are entirely automated, so you do not require any skills to get started with the tool. 

On the other hand, it might look a little expensive, but if you truly understand the need for a website analytics platform for your business that is better than Google Analytics, you might not mind the price.

So, with this, we come to an end of our take on Oribi business analytics intelligence software review. Is there something on which we missed out? Do you wish to add something more to our review? If yes, feel free to mention your suggestions in the comments below! 


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