ShortStack Review 2021 : Boost Engagement on Digital marketing Platforms

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If you have an online business, then you are no stranger to landing pages, contests, giveaways, and all the other antics that digital marketers use to drive engagement. However, to run and manage all of those, you probably make use of multiple tools, which increases the overall costs of your campaign. To counter this problem, Short Stack, an easy-to-use cloud-based campaign creation solution has combined several functionalities into one. These combined forces have resulted in over 500,000 businesses worldwide, adopting this cloud-based campaign creation solution.

Who should use this Cloud-based Campaign creation solution?

If you run an e-commerce business or are involved in affiliate marketing, you know the power of running campaigns on digital marketing platforms. The challenge here is to design highly converting campaigns that help increase engagement within minutes. Unless you do this, you may lose out on opportunities as an affiliate marketer or e-commerce business. So, what you need is a one-stop solution that allows you to get the campaign ready within minutes.


Now that’s what you can do with Short Stack. This cloud-based campaign creation solution does not require coding and allows you the flexibility to set up landing pages, contests and more. Its easy-to-use campaign manager lets you set up all of this within minutes and that too without any comprehensive skillset. Therefore, as Short Stack lets businesses connect quickly with their target audiences on digital media platforms, there are fewer opportunities that are lost.


If you are a digital marketer, then here’s your chance to impress your clients by increasing sales by setting up interactive quizzes and contests within minutes. It ensures a quick turnaround, something that digital marketers always struggle with. Plus, you can do all of this without any special technical skills such as coding and that makes Short Stack one of the best cloud-based campaign creation solutions.

Is ShortStack Free?

The answer to this would be both ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ because although there is a free plan, you may want to invest in some of its outstanding premium features like Facebook and Instagram comment import tools, ability to run referrals, Hashtag contests and more. Also, the free features come with certain limits, which is perfectly fine for startups but may not be the most desirable for mid-sized businesses or digital marketers trying to bring down operational costs.


Besides the Free Trial Plan, Short Stack also offers four different plans — Starter, Business, Agency, and Brand. These plans are priced between $29 to $499 per month and the main difference between these plans is the ceiling on the storage and views. However, if you can afford to invest more, we recommend the Agency and Brand plans because these allow you to manage your campaigns better by allowing you to import comments, import lists, run Hashtag contests, access analytics and more.

Things you can do with Short Stack

If you are still wondering whether you should invest in this tool, then its time to unveil some of Short Stack’s most sought-after features. It would give you a snapshot of how you can use it to drive more engagement and collect more leads.


Before launching your social media campaign, you need to know that there are thousands of others doing the same stuff. So, if you wish to stand out from the rest, then you need to make your campaigns more engaging, with minimal time and effort. Doing this no longer requires you to invest in multiple tools, and with Short Stack, you can set up your campaigns within minutes.

Also, you could do so on multiple digital marketing platforms, from a single dashboard. Let us now take a look at some of the most striking functionalities of this cloud-based campaign creation solution.

Landing Pages to kick start your Campaign

No campaign on any of the digital media platforms is complete without a highly optimized landing page that drives conversions. Now that’s where Short Stack comes in and lets you build remarkable landing pages, within minutes. All you need to do is pick the right template for your landing page and customize it. You can also easily integrate forms and collect data effortlessly.

Contests, Quizzes, and Giveaways to keep your Audiences engaged

Besides landing pages, which is the lifeblood of this cloud-based campaign creation solution, you can also set up contests, quizzes, and giveaways, in no time. Short Stack also lets you set up Hashtag contests on the various digital platforms and collect all the images, videos, etc. which you can later moderate and post. The same goes for voting, comment contests and refer-a-friend giveaways, which are both effective engagement tools that can generate useful leads.

Want to know How to Set Up Voting?

Watch this video here –

Use the Voting Widget to display entries that were submitted to ShortStack lists.

Facebook Campaigns on ShortStack

ShortStack makes it extremely easy for Businesses to launch and manage Facebook campaigns through its custom and quick publishing features. These are exclusively available to those subscribed to its advanced premium plans. For users subscribed to the Business and Agency plan, the ‘Facebook Quick Publish’ feature is available and for those subscribed to the Agency plan, an additional feature called ‘Facebook custom publish’ is available. While the ‘Facebook Quick Publish’ feature allows the user to speed up the entire process, the ‘Facebook custom publish’ allows better control.

Post-Campaign review

Effective digital marketing involves leveraging from various digital media platforms, and while that may seem complicated, collecting post-campaign data can be even more overwhelming. Now that’s something this cloud-based campaign creation solution makes a whole lot easier. That allows you to manage data from various digital media platforms, in one place.

Follow-up emails



Ever filled a form on a website, only to receive a prompt response from an auto-responder? Now, this is something you can do using Short Stack. You can even schedule the auto-responder to shoot out emails at a pre-specified time. It allows you the flexibility to generate leads that convert, without wasting time on setting up yet another tool to do that.

Imagine having a landing page with a form that’s connected to an auto-responder that shoots out emails. Also, a single dashboard where you can collect all the data related to the contests that you run, allowing you to use it in the best manner possible. Now that’s exactly what you can look forward to from this cloud-based campaign creation solution.


By combining all the powerful tools available on this cloud-based campaign creation solution, you can effortlessly create a highly engaging campaign. Doing that not only lets you save up a lot of money, but also minimizes the time and effort which goes into designing and managing social media campaigns.

Final Conclusion:

Digital marketing platforms have revolutionized e-commerce, and if you wish to get the most out of it, you need to find ways to speed up the campaign-building process. You can conveniently do this with Short Stack and create attractive landing pages within minutes. Besides that, it’s other features help boost engagement, collect post-campaign data and review analytics. As all of this is possible on a single platform, it becomes a whole lot easier to run campaigns on multiple digital marketing platforms. 


SaasTrac Team

SaasTrac Team

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