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Presently, businesses thrive on data and with digital marketing at the forefront of all promotional activities, businesses are more data-driven than ever before. Those working in the Sales and Marketing Department would know what this means. So, if you have been spending sleepless nights preparing reports to exhibit your department’s achievements to the stakeholders, then here’s some relief. This Supermetrics review post will provide you detailed information about each and everything about this business analytics software.

Supermetrics, a convenient and easy to use reporting automation tool is a one-stop solution for all your data procurement, visualization, and reporting needs. Through its eight products (including Supermetrics data grabber for Excel and Supermetrics Functions) it helps businesses of all sizes to gain access to data from various platforms.

These products can be classified into two categories — data procurement tools and data manipulation tools. However, in this article, our core focus would be on Supermetrics for Google Sheets, Supermetrics for Google data studio and Supermetrics for BigQuery, which again connects Google data studio and various other tools to Google BigQuery and aids visualization.

What does Supermetrics do?

Primarily, the goal of all Supermetrics tools is to facilitate the procurement and processing of digital marketing reports through easy integrations. These tools allow digital marketers and businesses to pull out data from almost any platform that they wish to. In fact, if Supermetrics does not have a data connector that pulls out data from your desired platform, then they even go to the extent of creating one for you. This allows you to compile all the data that you need from various sources and create a report that highlights your efforts.

So, you can pull out data connected to PPC campaigns, keyword research and everything else in between. The best part is that you can use tools like Supermetrics for Google Sheets to automatically pull in data and share it in no time. Also, the recipient does not have to download and install any additional tools to be able to access the data that you share.

Supermetrics offers several tools that make it easier to create and integrate digital marketing reports. That makes it hassle-free to pull out reports and quickly take your client through the digital marketing campaign and its success. Let us now dive into the various products offered by Supermetrics and understand how it helps create and manage digital marketing reports.

Supermetrics for Google Data Studio

Google Data Studio is a data visualization tool that allows you to use various data sources and lets you create fully customizable reports. However, like all good things, Google data studio also has its limitations, and this is the very gap that Supermetrics and its tools help bridge. To begin with, Supermetrics for Google Data Studio helps automate data collection from various platforms. So, if you advertise on social media platforms and other online marketing platforms, then you know how much time it takes to collect data and then turn it into a report. Even worse, if you are required to create an interactive report that can show date-wise data through visualization.


This is the very pain point that forces digital marketers to turn to Google Studio. However, that does not resolve the problem entirely because Google Data Studio offers a limited number of connectors. Well, that’s just the tip of the iceberg and there are just so many other features that are missing — a reason why Supermetrics for Google Studio was created. Let us now look into the various shortcomings of Google Data Studio and how Supermetrics can make things easier.

Report Delivery Automation

Supermetrics tools help transform the way in which Google Data Studio can be used. So, once you integrate Supermetrics in your Google Sheets and begin linking your accounts to it, pulling out reports straight into your Google Sheets becomes a whole lot easier. That eliminates the need to copy, paste and format lengthy CSV files. In fact, with just a click, you can also format the data for Google Data Studio.

This saves you from hours of tedious data compilation, data cleaning, and aggregation. That allows you to focus on the more important aspects of your business, such as client meetings, skill upgradation, etc… Another striking feature of Supermetrics is that you can set up triggers to re-run the reports and based on the schedule that you set, Supermetrics will continue to pull out fresh data and refresh the existing one with the most updated version.

Simplifies Data Collection

By using this reporting software, you can skim through data based on date ranges and platforms. So that allows you to pull out data from all campaigns across AdWords, Instagram, Facebook, etc… and calculate cost per conversion by platforms or as an aggregated report. This ability to collect data from multiple sources without copy-pasting or coding, makes these Supermetrics tools stand out. Nonetheless, if you know a certain amount of VBA coding, you can further manipulate the existing code.

Google Data Studio templates are quite average

The choice of Google data studio template largely depends on the purpose of the report and your target audience. So, before you choose one, you need to be doubly sure that it is going to serve the purpose. Coming to Google data studio, its existing templates are okay but nothing great.

If you are new to digital marketing, then Google’s data studio templates such as Performance Dashboard by Aro Digital, Canonicalized and Google Merchandise eCommerce dashboard could be of use. It might also work out for Freelance Digital Marketers with less than 5 clients. However, if you are a pro running a midsize or a large digital marketing firm, you would want something better. As you may have used more advanced BI tools, you are likely to find the existing data studio templates quite primitive.

So, if you are a seasoned digital marketing pro then you would crave for something that’s more advanced and professional. Now that’s precisely when you must consider using Supermetrics for Google data studio — a Supermetrics product that solves the problem by providing several advanced data studio templates that you can use. Also, Supermetrics classifies these Google data studio templates into various categories, which makes it a whole lot easier for the user to choose from. This includes hundreds of Google data studio templates classified under SEO, PPC, Analytics and Social Media.

Pricing of Supermetrics for Google Data Studio

Supermetrics for Google Data Studio offers four different pricing plans, out of which 3 are priced and 1 is customizable. The most basic plan offered is the Individual Connector Plan, which allows access to one data source of your choice and is priced at $39 per month on annual plans. The second plan is the Pro Plan, which is priced at $99 per month, while the Super Pro Plan is priced at $299 per month respectively on its annual plans. However, each plan has its own set of limitations and for businesses that have special requirements, there’s the fully customizable Enterprise Plan.

All the four plans offered by Supermetrics for Google Data Studio offers you the ability to create free unlimited reports. However, when it comes to customer support, the premium support options are only available to those on the Enterprise Plan. Subscribers to all other plans would have to adjust with the Email and Forum Support.

Supermetrics for BigQuery

The most recent product rolled out by Supermetrics is a product called ‘Supermetrics for BigQuery’ that’s designed to connect Google BigQuery and Google data studio. Since BigQuery does not come with a visualization tool, Supermetrics for BigQuery was designed to fill in that void by letting you connect to Google Data Studio, Google Sheets and to other tools. This allows easy access to data from Google BigQuery, which makes it a whole lot easier to gather all the data from non-Google digital marketing platforms in the BigQuery data warehouse. You may then use it as a source in Google Data Studio, Google Sheets, etc….


Pricing Plans for Supermetrics for BigQuery


Supermetrics offers 2 plans for this product, based on the number of accounts and data sources. However, if you have very specific requirements or need to make use of multiple data sources, then you could always drop in an email to the sales team of Supermetrics and work that out.

Since the pricing pattern of Supermetrics for BigQuery charges on the basis of accounts, it could turn out to be more expensive for larger digital marketing agencies, as compared to other tools like Stitch. Presently, Supermetrics for BigQuery charges $190 per month for one account and $490 per month for 5 accounts.

Supermetrics for Google Sheets

Supermetrics for Google Sheets is by far the most popular Supermetrics product, which is used by thousands of digital marketers to break down complex data. As Supermetrics allows Google Sheets to connect with various platforms and extract data from those sources, you can have all the numbers in one place. Plus, you can do all of this without importing or copy-pasting from CSV files, which consumes a lot of time. Some even outsource it, which leads to an increase in the overheads — something that you can easily eliminate by automating the task through this reasonably priced Supermetrics product. Some features that we really like about this product is the automatic refreshing and ready-made templates. That allows you to pull out the most recent data from your campaigns and quickly present them in a professional manner.



Pricing of Supermetrics for Google Sheets


Supermetrics for Google Sheets is one of the top-rated plugins in the Chrome Store and while you can use it for free, your source would be limited to Google Analytics only. Besides the free option, you may choose from three other pricing plans that are custom designed for businesses of various sizes. The Pro plan costs around $99 per month for a single user and allows the user to schedule weekly and monthly refresh. The Super Pro plan costs $199 per month for a single user and allows daily, weekly, and monthly refresh. However, the Enterprise Plan, which is the most advanced, can be used by multiple users and is highly customizable. It allows hourly, daily, weekly and monthly refresh. For the Enterprise Plan’s pricing details, you need to drop in an email to Supermetrics’ Sales team.

After the gigantic success of Supermetrics Data Grabber for Excel and Supermetrics Functions, there’s barely any digital marketer who isn’t using this tool to create digital marketing reports. So, if you have recently started in-house marketing, then you must subscribe to this tool as it can help you reduce your overheads, besides getting prompt and timely insights into your digital marketing and SEO campaigns. On average, an employee working for a small digital marketing agency or a small business saves up 30 hours which is otherwise lost in copy-pasting CSV files, which in turn translates to higher profits. Also, if you are a digital marketer, you can use these tools to make impressive digital marketing reports and easily share them with your clients.

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