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Introduction to ClicData || ClicData Review

Have you had issues with inserting your data into interactive dashboards? Or, have you faced issues while accumulating data to a single dashboard from different sources? If yes, then maybe you are looking for a business intelligence platform like ClicData.

ClicData is a top-of-the-class business intelligence software that helps you centralize data from multiple sources to a single dashboard and give them life. The software lets an organization get in touch, automate, supervise, and create a vision for data in an interactive dashboard.

ClicData allows you to source data from multiple locations at once. For instance, if you need to source data from a local and a cloud storage source for your dashboard. You can just simply connect them to ClicData and it will start importing the data for you right away. Furthermore, ClicData allows you to source data from other solutions as well.


Why Do Companies Use ClicData? || ClicData Review

Nowhere are a couple of different reasons behind it, one being the ease and versatility of ClicData. The business intelligence platform is capable of working on autopilot. All you have got to do is select and configure the template and then attach the data sources. Once all this is ClicData will automatically make changes in the dashboard as it keeps getting the new data from the source points.

In addition to the seamless data portability and direct to dashboard conversion, the software offers an incredibly easy-to-learn user interface. ClicData is just ripe with the features that will help you boost your data representation capabilities.


(ClicData dashboard representing finances)
(ClicData dashboard representing finances)


(ClicData dashboard for sales) 
(ClicData dashboard for sales)

To put it in extremely simple terms ClicData lets you organize your data and showcase it on a dashboard in different ways which include various visual means.


How ClicData Work? || ClicData Review

ClicData works as a data warehouse that lets users store and consolidate all of their important data from different systems to a single place. Plus, the business intelligence platform makes sure that users can convert their data into convenient information. It helps organizations to authorize and support consistency and regularity across their cloud based data warehouse. These functions are covered under the data management features of ClickData.

Usually, the data management features offer three unique ways to organize the data: 

  • Clean: Cleaning data signifies that data are normalized and regulated as users assemble them to be seen and used in the dashboards. E.g., For the normalization of data, ClicData will remove extr a spaces in the middle of data and fill in the empty gaps. This measure ensures that data are standardized and the data points that have different values but refer to the same information are concentrated as one value. For example, “The Republic of North Korea,” and “DPRK” will be automatically  changed to “North Korea.”
  • Merge or Combine Data: ClicData also lets you connect your data from different sources to a single dashboard. This feature is called Data Merge. For example, the business intelligence platform will combine the sales number with the sales target of a sales personnel. Such merging will help in instant access to actual sales performance and analysis on how the individual is actually selling when compared to their targets.
    In an unusual manner, all the data that you merge is automatically synchronized with the individual data sources. Hence, as a demonstration, if there is a change or update in the data source, ClicData will automatically update its own. With the merge feature, you will not have to worry about integrating data from time to time.
  • Transformation: This is the third and last step in data assortment. This is where you can transform your data and turn it into informational bar graphs, pie charts, and histograms. Raw data accumulated from various data sources is consolidated into one place and is ready for further usage. You can also add newly determined columns with a few clicks. This will also automatically change the way your data is filled up in different columns.

Core Features of ClicData || ClicData Review

  1. Data Integrations and Updates

    ClicData lets you extract data straight from your preferred systems without requiring any coding or technical skills. The cloud based data warehouse solution comes with native connectors equipped with smart views. These are pre-built datasets that are ready to go for reporting. You can import a complete dataset into ClicData and automate updates on an hourly, daily, or weekly basis with a few clicks.

  2. Data Storage and Management

    You can centralize all the connections and raw data/transformed datasets for your business. It does so in a built-in shareable data warehouse with distinct departments. Members of an organization can share relevant information with business users to ensure data quality and security.

  3. Customized Dashboards and KPIs

    The software lets you build customized dashboards and KPIs (Key Performance Indicator) in a few minutes through its drag and drop feature. The platform also lets you and your teammates use multiple data sources on the same dashboard. You are free to forge charts filled with social media adverts and Google Analytics data to evaluate conversion rates and return on investment on marketing.
    In addition to that, it lets you contrast and analyze the number of prospects from the CRM along with the monthly recurring revenue (MRR) from excel spreadsheets. All the widgets and charts in ClicData are completely customizable and interactive. You can drill down, apply calculations, filter, on every chart.


Pros and Cons of Using ClicData || ClicData Review

Here are some of the key benefits of using ClicData:

  1. It offers a 100% cloud solution that is completely OS agnostic. You can access it directly from any web browser. Hence no headache or expense for maintenance, installation, and does not require consultations for implementation. ClicData offers data hosting and security with its price plans.
  2. The software is pretty much effortless in how it operates. You will never have to worry about data portability, and new lines of sources can be integrated easily as well.
  3. ClicData offers end-to-end business intelligence. From data extraction to visualizations, everything is done on a single platform. Such streamlining ability makes it the first choice of tool.

Now some drawbacks of using ClicData

  1. The templates are not very customizable. You can rearrange their placements but that’s about it. Customization options need to be broadened.
  2. Updating new data may take a couple of hours, it could be fastened.
  3. Data portability from other business intelligence software is not very good


ClicData Pricing || ClicData Review

ClicData is available in 4 different plans and each plan has monthly and yearly payment options. They are as follows:

  1. Personal Plan: It costs $79 per month and $73 per month for the annual plan. It comes with 5 users and 5 GB of cloud storage.
  2. Team Plan: This plan costs $269 per month and $247 per month for the annual plan. It offers 20 users with 10 GB of cloud storage.
  3. Business Plan: This is the largest pricing plan in the entire package. This plan comes at $525 per month and $481 per month for an annual plan. This offers 50 users with 15 GB of cloud storage.
  4. Enterprise Plan: The prices for this plan are only available on quotation. It lets you scale your operations up to 100 users and the storage facility ranges from 100 GB t0 8 TB.
Monthly plans offered by ClicData
Monthly plans offered by ClicData
Yearly plans offered by ClicData
Yearly plans offered by ClicData

ClicData: Conclusion || ClicData Review

Considering the business requirements of the companies, ClicData is a decent option to go for. It lets you visualize the output of your work on a periodic basis. The software has a brilliant visualization function which is limited in some aspects but I hope things will see an improvement with the review. One key benefit of using ClicData is that the software lets you compare data sets from different applications. You can create as many columns as you want and add all your data sources; ClicData will arrange data for you in the best possible way as per your requirements.

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