WordAi Review – Best Article Rewriting Tool

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WordAi, Found By Alex Cardinell in July 2011, is a multilingual article rewriting tool which helps users create content and that too of human quality. The Ai in the WordAi represents Artificial Intelligence. To get the latest and steaming content, you need to just copy the article and paste. It is that simple and easy. In contrast to several spinners present in the market, its framework comprehends the delicacy of every word. This tool does not just recognize as a record of words. In case if you wish to be on the top of the online war game, you can increment your work process with WordAi. 


How Does It Work


This tool works in an entirely different way. Before starting to rewrite your articles, it goes through every single word and understands it thoroughly. Rather than treating them as the list of just mere words, it considers them as real things. By using this software, you will get zero-copy content. The quality of the content generated is also of high quality and easily readable.

Generally, most of the article rewriters do make fake promises to its users that they will provide unique content but fails to. WordAi dwell out top quality content. This tool – 

  • Understands what each word implies, yet additionally how each word collaborates with one another.
  • Google will not be able to detect your content as spun content.
  • This tool searches for ways to revamp your article, dependent on what the article implies.


WordAI Features


Earlier you would have definitely tried and used the other content spinner/rewriter software.  You are already aware of the advantages it provides to you to develop SEO friendly content.

Now, the question is – How WordAi is different from other tools available in the market?

WordAI has various features and tricks which numerous other text rewriters don’t have. Let’s see them in detail in the section below –

  • WordAI programming acknowledges and understands that each word has several meanings. We all know that a word in the English language has multiple meanings. Therefore, WordAi understands your criteria, the goal, and then rewrite the article accordingly.
  • In contrast to several spinners present in the market, its framework understands the delicacy of every word.
  • This tool will naturally revamp your whole sentences and passages. That is the thing that other content spinners do as well. Then, what makes WordAi different from others? You know it that practically all the content spinners tried by you, do turn the content. Still, the final result isn’t as engaging as it ought to have been. But this is not the case with WordAI. WordAI goes an additional mile and attempts to understand what is the context and the meaning of the article is. It rewrites in a high-quality language, which is very impressive.
  • This article rewriting tool is capable of composing titles for your content. When WordAI understands your content, it becomes skilled to produce some great titles for your content by knowing and understanding the genuine reason and significance of your article.


Types of Spinners Provided


WordAi provides its users with two types of spinners.  Every single content is rare and unique in its own way. So to better understand and give results as per the requirements of the creator, both the spinners consist of different exclusive settings.

They are – 

  • Standard Spinner
  • Turing Spinner


What’s the difference between WordAi Turing Spinner and WordAi Standard Spinner?


As of now, it is clear to you that there are two spinners which are provided by this software. But how one is different from the other. Let’s see –

The WordAI “Standard” is to be sure of an incredible spinner. It can do pretty much everything that some other applications in this field can do. However, the final result provided by it is unquestionably superior to anything that you’d get with different rewriters or spinners.

Using the WordAI “Standard”, the quality of the content delivered to you is, to a great extent rely upon the settings set by you. The more you are rigid with your settings, the more exceptional your content will be.

However, the Turing spinner of WordAi is focussed on changing the structure and stream of the sentences of the content without hampering the importance and the meaning of the content. This spinner won’t just swap the words with their synonyms, rather it understands the sentences, and then rewrite the whole article just like an expert human writer. 

You can get up to 20-30 fresh spun articles from one well-made article using the Turing spinner. All of them will be unique with zero-copy content and are ready to be indexed.


The “Foreign Language” Spinner


WordAI isn’t only fit for turning the content in the English language. However, this tool likewise equipped for transforming and changing the content in other languages like Italian, French, and Spanish. Along these lines, input the content and you can test yourself for the outcomes that WordAI will deliver for you. 

This additionally implies utilizing the WordAI device you can compose content in any language, without really knowing that language. It is because the WordAI apparatus will consequently distinguish the language and work appropriately.


Other Features of WordAI


The WordAi likewise has several different settings, which will be helpful for you while you wish to create some remarkable content.

Secure words inside statements & quotes


If you would like to make WordAI’s “Turing” spinner to overlook any content found inside statements and quotes while rewriting the content, you can do this by choosing this feature.

Custom Synonyms at WordAI

Custom Synonyms feature encourages users to include their own words for particular catchphrases. Then, you can force this software to use your specific mentioned synonym when it comes to a word from your list.

Secure URLs 

This article rewriting tool provides you the option to choose whether or not you need WordAI’s “Turing” spinner to overlook URLs.

Secured Words at WordAI Spinner

This extraordinary feature provided by WordAi spinner help users to add words that they do not want to incorporate in their articles at any cost.


WordAI File Manager To Store Your Files


As you can see under the “Account” menu, there is an option as “File manager”. Under this is a sub-menu that will direct to a page where all your saved spintax files will be there. 

Apart from spinning and editing these files, you can also take some actions which you can carry out if you want to. They are – 

  1. Delete.
  2. Download .ZIP With Spintax.
  3. Download .ZIP With Super Unique Spins.
  4. Download .ZIP With Random Spins.


  1. Simple and easy to use interface
  2. You can access this tool from any of your devices
  3. The content generated from this tool is great
  4. You can add your own synonyms and words
  5. Apart from English, it supports French, Spanish and Italian
  6. Generation of the content done at Different levels


  1. This tool is quite expensive
  2. No such license for a lifetime comes with this tool
  3. Word limit is applicable every month.


WordAI Pricing Review


There are two plans which are offered by this tool –

  • Monthly plan at $49.95/month. 
  • Yearly plan at $347/year. 


Whichever plan you choose, you will receive the same features. 

Note to Remember – Every month, a particular limit on the words is set by this tool which you can spin with the 2 spinners provided. 

2,500,000 – “Standard” spinner

250,000 – “Turing” spinner.

If in case you exceed this limit, you will be charged extra at the following set price limit – 

Standard spinner – $10 per 1,000,000 words.

Turing spinner – $3 per 10,000 words.

WordAi provides the option of “Don’t allow me to go over my limit” under the “Usage Info” page. You can select this option in order to avoid paying extra charges. 


Final Words


Without a doubt, we can say that WordAI is the best article spinner/rewriter in the SEO space. The quality of the content received is excellent, readable, and unique. Also, it’s user interface is very simple and easy to understand. 

It is a tool that comes with power-packed features. It is a great software which should be a part of your content strategy. It is a fact that dwelling out new content every day is a tough task. Here is the best article spinner tool which comes in an effective price and some great qualities.

SaasTrac Team

SaasTrac Team

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