FunnelFlux Review 2021: The Best Visual Marketing Tracker?

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Advertising and marketing take great effort to reach the successful phase, and on top of that, you have to constantly monitor your campaigns to see what is working and what’s not. It can get really tiresome, and tricky sometimes.

Thus to avoid it, you can use a tool that will help you keep an eye on all the campaigns you are running and see which ones are profitable. This way, you can invest in profitable ads and retract the ones that are not working.

FunnelFlux is an affiliate tracking software that can help you track ad campaigns and much more. In this FunnelFlux review post, I’ll tell you all about this tool.

About FunnelFlux

Affiliate Tracking Software

FunnelFlux is an affiliate tracking tool that helps you find the most profitable traffic segments and minimize the cost by cutting down the non-profit ones.

Suppose you are running multiple ad campaigns to drive promising leads to your business websites, and you want to track the exact ad(s) which have been generating the maximum amount of leads. You can do that with the help of FunnelFlux and save both money and time.


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1. Powerful Reporting Engine

FunnelFlux has a powerful reporting engine that can turn data into meaningful, actionable intel in a matter of seconds. It is directly integrated into the software so that you always get the updated result

 2. Funnel Heatmaps

Heatmap is used to understand the pattern of conversion. How the users are clicking and why they are clicking. With the help of heatmap, you can optimize the conversion rate better and get a full analysis of your running campaigns.



3.  Multi-User Support

Multiple users can use FunnelFlux at a single given time. This way, you can better manage production and keep the data within a single id. It is a great feature to increase productivity and maintaining security.

4. Lifetime value tracking

With FunnelFlux, you can also track customer lifetime value regarding a product of yours. The lifetime value of a customer means the value a user/consumer will have over his/her lifetime, with your company/brand. Using this, you can track the LTV(lifetime value) regarding a potential customer(s) and work accordingly.

5. Email Opt-in Conversion Tracking

With the help of this, you can quickly see how many people have subscribed to your email list, where they are coming from, and what is your email marketing campaign’s conversion rate. Email analysis is equally important as marketing since email also brings potential customers too.

6. No-redirect Javascript Tracking

FunnelFlux has a no-redirect feature with the help of which you can send traffic directly to your offer or landing page without making your users go through redirecting links. It works by stuffing a set of predefined Javascript codes while making your lander/offer page.

The great thing about this feature is that everything is still tracked by FunnelFlux, even while redirecting your clients to the final page.

7. Time on page tracking

For instance, the software will not record the time accurately if the visitor comes to your page and bounces off immediately. It will not capture time value. People have to spend some time in order to count the tracking. The software will pause time tracking if a visitor changes tabs or switch window.



8. Multivariate Testing

FunnelFlux offers multivariate testing too. Multivariate testing in marketing means, testing two different variables that have different outcomes. Using this, you can test different marketing schemes and choose the one which has a better outcome. This way, you spend less time on one campaign and increase the conversion rate.



All the above-listed features come at a price, and it is not cheap. FunnelFlux has Four different pricing options, which are listed below:

1. Flux Micro

They say this plan is good for 5 million hits a month, but it could actually do more. It’s just that you will use your disk space faster. So there’s technically no monthly limit placed on you. However, don’t send a huge burst of traffic at once.

2. Flux Starter

This plan contains the following benefits – 10 million visitors a month, one server location, and 160GB data storage. This starter pack will cost you $249/month.

3. Flux Pro

This plan is for the professionals, and it contains all the features such as 25 million users a month, no overage charges, 320GB storage, and many more. This plan will cost you $449/month.

4. Managed LP Server

LP server plan is for people who want a bit more, and it is more of an add-on package. It has all the features such as 10 million views a month, unlimited domains, easy FTP access, and many more. This package will cost you $30/month.



5. Self-Hosted Plan

This Self-Hosted plan is for the people who want to install their servers. In this plan, you will get all the features like Unlimited Traffic, Lifetime Data Retention, etc. The best thing about this plan is that it just costs $1 in the first month and then $99/licence/month. They are basically giving away the free trial, with the price tag of $1, you can try their services and then make your decision. More over, you can also get 10% OFF each month on Self-hosted Plan.



There is competition everywhere, and it is the same for FunnelFlux. Listed below are two alternative affiliate tracking software to FunnelFlux, whether they are better or not, that I leave up to you guys.

  •  Voluum


Voluum is the cheap and better-looking cousin of FunnelFlux. Cheap because its basic package starts from $69/month and better looking because it has a better user-interface.

Voluum has slightly different features as compared to FunnelFlux, but they do the same thing. In my opinion, FunnelFlux has better features as they are more regulated towards tracking the affiliation process and provides a better in-depth analysis report.

Voluum has a different take on this whole affiliate tracking thing, and you be the judge which is best for you.

  •  ThriveTracker 

affiliate-tracking-softwareThrivetracker is very much similar to the FunnelFlux as it has mostly the same features as Funnel. The main difference is the pricing part, and this is where this software wins. Thrivetracker provides a 14-day free trial upon sign-up, which both Voluum and FunnelFlux doesn’t. Although the free trial comes with an automatic deduction of money after 14 days of the trail, you can cancel it anytime.

The Thrive takes a hit when it comes to pricing. If you compare it’s 5 million clicks package with the FunnelFlux, you will see Thrive is almost $100 more expensive. Plus, you don’t even get all the features as you do in FunnelFlux.


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All Things Considered


FunnelFlux is a great affiliate tracking software if you consider all the features it offers and at the price it provides. Also, the number of clicks you get in the package here is far much better than what others provide.

The thing that bothered me the most was no free trial. Though the $1 fee to try the software is not much, but a free trial reaches more people. Overall, this tool gets a 4 star out of 5 from me. I think you should give this tool a chance.

If I have missed something or you guys have anything more to add, please let me know down in the comments.

SaasTrac Team

SaasTrac Team

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