Datapine Review 2021: The Best Business Intelligence Software That Worth Trying

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No doubt, data plays a dominant role as far as useful business analysis and research tactics are concerned. Nowadays, businesses make sure to grasp every minute details of their services and products to stand above their competitors. Presently, due to the advancement in social media, digital platforms, and the whole online world, data analysis aspects have somewhat become a little tricky. And, that’s why, now, accurate data analysis is not possible without the help of some business intelligence software. 

The best business analytics software knows how to get the work done. And, usually mastered in top-notch data analytical properties. However, not every analytics tool might deserve your time and money. The business intelligence software you pick must go with the essence of your business venture. Else, there’s no point in investing your hard-earned money on it. 

After working many years in the digital marketing world, I have come across various data visualization and intelligence platforms. But, I have to say this, datapine has been my favorite of all time. It is an extraordinary and one of the best business intelligence software I have used. 

After experiencing the impact of this software on my business in an up-close and personal way, today, I’m going to share a datapine review post with you guys. I hope you like it and take away something valuable from it. 

In this datapine review column, you will get to know detailed information about this one of the best business intelligence software, including its features, working, pricing, and a lot more. So, without any further delay, let’s read it out!


 Watch Out The Benefits Of Smart Online Dashboarding With datapine:-

What Is datapine? Why It worth a try?

As we have read above, datapine is an advanced business analytics software, which helps companies to comprehend their data better and the best. It offers a number of marketing research solutions to businesses out there in the market to do exceedingly well in their niche sector. 

According to the features provided by it, users get access to various data intelligence software, which assists them in doing something extraordinary regarding their business ventures. Besides, it consists of integrated dashboards, drag-drop user-interface, analytical charts, and much more. That helps users to dig deep down every piece of data concerning making the most out of their business analytics. 


Top Features Of datapine:

  1. Drag and drop user-interface.
  2. Completely accessible Dashboards.
  3. Detailed chart graphics.
  4. Fully mobile optimized.
  5. High-quality data visualization.


Drag and drop user-interface:

These days, user-interface has become a very prominent factor in deciding the credibility of online businesses. According to it, the interaction of users with your online services should be seamless and smooth. Otherwise, people will definitely not want to come back to your website. Following the drag-drop user-interface feature of this software, all these business UI/UX facets become easy to achieve and implement. 


Completely accessible dashboards:

You have to agree with me that, yes, data is a very numberless asset for businesses. That’s why data analysis is a tough one. However, by using datapine innovative dashboards, you can gather an abundance of data in one place and study it accordingly. That will provide you a clear picture vis-a-vis your business attributes.


Detailed chart graphics:

Data analysis in the form of charts has become really substantial these days. And, why not, it has made companies take better and fruitful business decisions. With the help of datapine- the best business intelligence software, you can create customizable data designs. In addition to this, you can select your own chart styles, graphs, templates, and create insightful data charts. 


Fully mobile-optimized:

Mobile optimization of digital products is something unignorable presently. Because, up till now, almost more than half of the world population makes use of mobile phones. And, most of them access the Internet and its related dimensions on mobile. That’s why mobile optimization of online businesses has become the need of the moment. Following this, you can use it seamlessly on mobile phones also, without facing any errors. 


High-quality data visualization:

Datapine is better known as the best data visualization and business intelligence platform. The main motive of this software is to give clarity to companies to retrieve their business data to the fullest. Their intuitive dashboards, chart creators, drag-drop user-interfaces, and all make data visualization superior for companies.  


How To Sign Up For A Free Trial Of datapine?

To become a potential member of this community, you can go for its 14 days free trial plan. According to it, you have to visit here, and follow the given steps-


  1. Enter your business email.
  2. Provide a password.
  3. Hit on the “try it 14 days for free” tap.
  4. Check your email inbox and click on the activation link.
  5. Now, you’re good to go!


Don’t shy away! Sign up now! 



Meet datapine:

Datapine- the best business analytics software has six essential facets, which we’re going to intellectualize here!


1. Connect

Here, in the Connect portal, you can see all your data sources. Accordingly, then, you can update your data sources, by adding, removing, merging, and all. Datapine supports various types of data sources like social media platforms, customer relationship management, Google analytics, ERP, and much more.




2. Analyze-

In the Analyze tab, you can store all your gathered data in the form of graphs and charts. And, then, analyze it according to different business aspects. 



3. Dashboards-

Without a doubt, the dashboard is one of the main components of datapine- the best business intelligence software. By using the dashboard tab of this platform, you can perform deep analytics of your business data. When you hit on “create new dashboard”, then you will offer almost 80 pre-designed dashboard templates. Next, you have to choose a desirable template and fill up the necessary information. 


4. Reports-

Next up, we have a Report section. According to it, you can send your dashboards to one or more people via emails. To do so, you can create reports. You can either access the standard report format or customizable report format.



5. Alarms-

In accordance with the Alarm portal, you can get notified whenever there’s some inconsistency discover in your business data. Following this, you can set three different types of alarms like neural network alert, pattern recognition alert, and threshold alert.



6. Smart Insights-

According to Smart Insights tab, you can analyze your data automatically as per different metrics, such as-


  • Growth and Forecast
  • Correlations
  • Value Drivers
  • ‘What If’ simulation
  • Key Segments
  • Outliers


Pricing Details Of datapine:


Datapine offers a diverse range of customizable pricing plans for its users. That’s why your pricing plan might differ from others as per the needs and requirements of your business. 

Having said that, it has basically four pricing plans-

  • Basic.
  • Professional.
  • Premium.
  • Branding and embedded.



  • 1 User / Limited to 3 data sources
  • Advanced analytics
  • Custom Formulas
  • Automated reporting



  • 2 Users / 2 Viewers
  • All Basic Features plus
  • Interactive Dashboards
  • Advanced Sharing Options



  • 3 Users / 3 Viewers
  • All Professional Features
  • Intelligent Alarms
  • Publishing Options



  • 3 Users / 3 Viewers
  • All Premium Features plus
  • Embedded Dashboards
  • Complete branding


Over To You:

Considering all the details explained in the above datapine review, I can say it is one of the best business intelligence software that is definitely worth a try. Besides, make sure to pick the best pricing plan to use for your business. Because business solutions of datapine are different as per different pricing structures. Therefore, you can make the best possible deal for your business. 

Do you have something more to add in this datapine review? If yes, then please feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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